Barony of Endari


The Barony of Endari began when the first Lord Endari rallied his fellow pig-farmers in rebellion against House Rayze, who had claimed the Endari Demesne as part of its Earldom for the better part of a century prior. The successful peasant rebellion was recognized by the reigning Duke of Dejagore after a series of devastating military victories against Rayze by the pig farmers-turned-militia.

In the following years young Lord Robert, son of the first Baron Endari, fell for the womanly whiles of Lady Adela of House Rayze. The ensuing courtship caused quite a stir in the Endari court, culminating in the eventual defection of Lord Robert and marriage into the Earldom of Rayze. The scandal cost the fledgling house the loyalty of many landlords along the Kahler Basin to the banner of House Rayze as they followed the popular heir.

For a time a period of peace settled over the land, until legions of the undead marched from the Green Heart to engulf the Barony in an eternal night. Things seemed grim until a wild woman riding a bolt of lightning from another world came. Lady Rayne took the hand of the then-ineffectual Baron of Endari (handily besting his wife in an arm-wrestling match to claim his hand and take her head), and rallied the armies of Endari to repel the undead hordes.

Shortly thereafter, Lady Rayne descended into a dark period, ordering everyone in the village and castle to hastily pack up and move twenty-three miles down the road and build a new village. It is said that Lady Rayne feared that thieves would steal her treasures, so she hid them away in a secret vault that only she could see. Before she died, it is said she set fire to several dozen cats and tried to reclaim a coin from a wishing well that lied to her…

Defense 22 Endari Keep (Endari Demesne) 20
Influence 24 Knight (Loxe) 5
Magician (Quinn) 5
Spymaster (Jean Pierre) 10
Land 10 Endari Demesne (Plains + Grassland + Coast) 9
Law 23 -2 to law rolls 20
Population 22 Endari Village (Endari Demesne) 15
Power 32 5x Trained Infantry 15
3x Trained Archers 9
1x Trained Siege 3
1x Veteran Warship 5
Wealth 11 Common Quality of Life 10

Barony of Endari

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