The Gods of Torril


Gods of the Light Gods of the Dark
Torr All-Father Phrobus, God of Betrayal & Corruption
Cybele, Goddess of Home, Family, and Harvest Shigu, Queen of Darkness
Birin, God of the Clear Sky Azinor, God of Storms
Erivor, God of the Sea Fiendark, God of Destruction
Hirahim Lightfoot Krashnark, God of Conquest
Lilinara, Goddess of Women Sharnay, Goddess of Sorcery
Strivos, God of the Earth
Vladus, God of War & Justice

History of the Gods

In the beginning, there was nothingness. From this nothingness came Torr, who created the world and everything in it. After a time, Torr took Cybele as his wife. Cybele and Torr had six beautiful children: two daughters and four sons. And for a time, things were good.

Then, their youngest son grew envious of his father’s power and sought to claim it for his own. He brutally attacked his father while they were alone, but was intercepted by his elder brother, Vladus, before he could cast the final blow and absorb his power. Though Torr died during the fighting, Vladus defeated his youngest brother and cast him down. Before he could be slain the betrayer escaped, but not before Vladus stripped him of his name, leaving him with Phrobus – which means Traitor and Betrayer in the godly tongue – in its place.

Upon his death – without a god to take up his mantle – Torr’s power shattered, and fell to the earth in a shower of divine essence. There, while Torr’s family grieved, his power created all the races of mortal kind – imbuing their flesh with the divine spark that is their soul. And for a time, the gods grieved for their lost father and husband. At this time, Hirahim Lightfoot, whom had been staying in divine court of Torr for some time, seduced the widowed Cybele and from their union came Birin. When Cybele came to her senses she cast Hirahim out of her chambers – and has never forgiven him since.

In his hidden place Phrobus married Shigu with the intent to create his own brood of dark gods to help him overthrow his family in vengeance for his humiliation. He sought a place of darkness, and there he built his citadel and had three sons and a daughter. From their dark citadel, they plotted and planned for their eventual rise.

In time, the family of Torr discovered the mortal races, and in them they saw the last work of their fallen father. Over time, they recognized the spark of Torr in their little cousins, and came to love them as distant family. The Gods of the Light (as Torr’s family is known) sought to nurture the races of mortals, to inspire and help them to achieve their own greatness. As they did so, Phrobus saw in mortals the power that he failed to steal from his father, and a means to recover from his defeat. And so, the Gods of the Dark (as Phrobus’ family is known) set out to tempt and corrupt the souls of men into darkness.

And thus, the war of the Dark vs. the Light began. And it continues still…

The Gods of Torril

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