Big-sized Epic Mount




Simhata (“lion-horses” in a dozen local languages) are mounts without peer, created by ancient magics to serve the world’s greatest heroes. Sixteen to eighteen hands high, these beasts run at twice as fast as mundane horses and tire half the rate. Their clawed hooves and fanged mouths can tear through a leather breastplate as if it were parchment. They have the general build of a horse, but their natural weaponry, large shoulders, and great flowing manes make them impossible to mistake for a mundane steed.

As carnivores, they do not fear blood; ranks of spear carriers and leaping flames will fail to turn a Simhata if its rider wills it forward. This fierce loyalty imprints onto the first human to feed it, a difficult prospect given the Simhata is as likely to consider the human as food prior to the bonding. Thereafter, the Simhata accepts no other rider – unless he is one of the exalted. Most Simhata are as intelligent as a young child, and can comprehend sophisticated instructions.

Simhata are naturally aggressive creatures, though once they bond to a mortal they will treat their master’s friends in a friendly manner, and will obey commands to be “civil” when in settlements, though it is wise to stable a Simhata away from mundane animals. Additionally, the Simhata instinctually recognize the anima banners of the Exalted, and will be submissive to any Exalt displaying his banner (at any level), even if instructed otherwise by his master.


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