Mabari War Hound

Typical-sized Elite




The Mabari is the most prized of all Fereldan dog breeds. Considered to have much greater intelligence than their relatives, these hounds are fully able to follow the commands and requests of their partners.
Most Mabari bond only to a single person, and are loyal to the death. To be seen in the company of a Mabari is to be regarded with high honor.

These giant hounds are considered a breed apart, as are their partners. Those who are warriors will often anoint themselves and their Mabari with special patterns of foul-smelling herbs called kaddis which allow them easily recognized by scent.

Mabari are also reliable guards used by many noble families throughout Ferelden. Trespassers best beware lest they find themselves unable to sufficiently explain their presence to any Mabari on guard.

Mabari War Hound

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