Typical-sized Non-Combatant




Goats provide fiber, meat and milk and are therefore a common sight across the rural areas of the world. Reasonably intelligent (sometimes too much so for their own good) they are much easier to handle than chickens. They will follow their owners at the promise of food and are quite social creatures. Contrary to popular belief, goats do not eat everything, although they might try. Most plants are considered food, and goats have even been known to climb trees to reach tasty shoots. Goats are however susceptible to most of the same toxic plants as humanoids; but they will often sample just a little bit anyway…

Goats are nimble and sure-footed even dancing across almost vertical cliffs that would daunt almost every other animal.

In many ways sheep can be considered stupid goats. They blindly follow the leader without any thought of their own and become even more brainless when separated from their flock. This of course makes them easy to handle as a group and they are the main source of fiber for cloth across the world. Sheep can also be used for meat and even to produce milk.


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