Glowing Slime

Ordinary-sized Typical Immune to Physical & Necrotic




This terror of the Deep Roads is legend amongst dwarven miners, who tell tales about lost or wandering workers spotting a faint light in the tunnels. Thinking it a lamp, they go towards it, only to discover the blue-green glow emanates from a shifting slime mold that clings to damp rocks or settles to the bottom of shallow pools. When it senses the warmth of a living creature nearby, it attacks.

Glowing slime attempts to envelop creatures and dissolve them with its acidic secretions. The creature is immune to most weapons and even resistant to magic; dwarves believe this is because the slime leeches small amounts of lyrium from the rocks. Fire is the most effective weapon against it, although large amounts of salt will also destroy a glowing slime. Miners sometimes draw lines of rock salt across doorways and tunnels to bar the creature’s passage.

Glowing Slime

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