Death Butterfly Swarm

Typical-sized Ordinary Flying Swarm




The cloud of butterflies swirled in the dappled sunlight of the grove, the setting sun flashing on their black and white wings. As the shadows lengthened, the cloud slowly moved deeper into the woods, leaving behind the desiccated corpses of the half-dozen woodsman who had been setting up camp minutes earlier.

Death butterflies are sinister fey creatures that at first glance resemble harmless woodland insects. On closer inspection, the butterfly’s dark wings give off a faint ghostly aura of necrotic energy. These spectral tendrils sap the life from creatures close to the swarm, feeding the butterflies with the target’s energy. Their deadly traits are well known among the fey, and some of the more malevolent among the feyborn lead lost travelers into areas where they know such swarms gather. Elven arcanists are rumored to have developed methods of mesmerizing the creatures, populating the gardens around their forest strongholds with butterfly swarms that serve as inconspicuous guardians against intruders.

Death Butterfly Swarm

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