Cavelight Moss

Big-sized Ordinary Immobile with Reach




A patch of tangled, lacey moss clings to the ceiling above, slowly pulsing with an eerie glow. Among the soft, feathery mass, stems gently writhe, periodically dusting the ground below with a twinkling of phosphorescent spores.

Appearing as a large patch of bio-luminescent flora, adventurers and subterranean inhabitants frequently mistake cavelight moss for a benign organism. This creature savors the taste of living flesh and renders its meal immobile before starting the long process of digestion. A cavelight moss glows a pale, yet warm, yellow light. When agitated, the light emitted changes to a cold blue hue. The slow-moving mosses are rarely encountered alone, however, as clever subterranean creatures spread the moss in their hunting grounds, ambushing those ensnared by the beasts. Some races even transplant young mosslings, placing them near their home caverns where the plants are used as crude watchdogs.

Cavelight Moss

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