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The ancestor of the domestic pig, these tough-skinned bristly animals have a ferocious disposition. Often found rooting around in the soft earth of a woodland, they are just as happy rampaging through crop fields and devouring anything they find in their path. Boars have been known to attack and kill lambs and other small animals, turning them inside out in their efforts to devour the soft and juicy flesh.

The pig is the domesticated version of the wild boar. Now a much more docile and less bristly version of its ancestor it is primarily raised for meat: the smoked bacon from the ribs is often considered to be the ambrosia of the masses.

Many people consider pigs to be stupid, but they can be trained like goats to follow a leader and come for food. Any suggestion that they can be as highly trained as a dog is probably a consequence of overindulgence, (see Ox).

Pigs lack the tusks of their feral ancestors, and are Non-Combat rank.


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